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How to Import Tiles From India? Step-By-Step Guide

By Tileswale

The Indian tiles industry has witnessed a colossal augmentation in recent years, and the demand and the sales of tiles have been growing by leaps and bounds. That has made India amongst the top-notch tile exporter and tile manufacturer. Among copious tiles manufacturers and tiles exporters present in Morbi Gujarat, India is considered an ace tiles manufacturer and exporter hub.

Every tile manufacturer and exporter emphasizes the business's detailed business requirements for business customers. They produce carefully parceling products and distributing the final goods while keeping the excellence and well-timed delivery handy. Every tiles manufacturer and exporter ensures that all the ordered export and import boxes are watchfully packed.

The parceling experts make the packing materials’ selection to export the products globally and import them all over the country. The careful selection of packaging material is practiced to make sure the easy movement of export and import.

Easy Steps To Import Tiles From India

Let's check out some useful and handy tips to import tiles from Morbi Gujarat, India step by step.

Import And Export of Ceramic Porcelain Tiles

Step 1: Pick The Best Tile Exporter And Supplier

Are you thinking and wondering how to pick the best tiles manufacturer and tiles exporter among thousands of the best brands? Well, TilesWale has got your back and got you covered! It offers more than thousands of trusted and genuine tiles manufacturers and exporters under one roof.

TilesWale is one of the biggest platforms and interfaces to pick the best and 100% real tiles from top-notch and trusted porcelain to ceramic manufacturers and exporters. TilesWale is a one-stop solution for the latest ceramic tilesporcelain tiles and sanitaryware products. TilesWale does a stringent check on the tiles manufacturer’s authenticity and has a comprehensive group of the best tiles manufacturers.

They ensure that the tile exporter has a good and proven track record of importing tiles successfully. They provide a comprehensive approach to search for you in the realm of digital wall tiles, varying from numerous sizes and patterns. Amid multiple walls, floor, and patio tiles available, digital wall tiles have been specially selected by customers in the tile market.

Are you curious and excited to pick the best tile exporter general on TilesWale? Here are a few easy peasy tips to crack the best and genuine deals.

  • TilesWale offers badges to trusted and premium tiles manufacturers and exporters. So, always filter out the badged manufacturers and exporters. It is advisable to pick the premium tile exporters’ accounts.

  • It is advisable to mention all the pre-requisite details and characteristics of the tiles. You may also mention the details of the raw materials used to manufacture the tiles. The thumb rule to durable and genuine porcelain and ceramic tiles depends upon two vital factors - the quality and consistent supply. Always ensure by enquiring every fastidious detail involved in the manufacturing and embossing process.

  • TilesWale advises and promotes applying the required filters and mentions the requirements, in brief, to avoid any confusion and promote hassle-free and smooth delivery of tiles package.

  • Every top-notch and trusted exporter available at TilesWale follows various mandatory quality checks and maintenance checks. An authorized tiles exporter would have ISO, CC, and CE certifications, and their tiles products must adhere to all the required inspections. These certifications have mandate symbols visible on the tile products, always look for the visual certification symbols and ask them about them.

  • Any imported tile goods should ensure that the client provides safe and on-time delivery. Apart from that, it is recommended that the exporter is providing the insurance of the tile consignment and adheres to all the prerequisites import documents. 

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Step 2: Check Tiles Quality And Maintenance

Before investing in any tile type, be it pocket-friendly or exclusive ranged posh tiles, it is critical and essential to ensure the tile supplier or exporter meets the quality expectations. The tiles you source should be water-resistant, slip-resistant, hard-wearing, long-lasting, and appealing, along with other qualities and features of the distinct type.

Be it a porcelain, ceramic, marble tiles, or wooden tiles, every tile has different properties and characteristics and is subject to various quality checks for each tile type. For instance, to check the water-resistant property of a tile, you can pour water on the vitrified tiles to check its resistance property against the tile. If the tile's surface absorbs the water, there is exploitation with the tile quality and unfit for application.

Although it is difficult to perform physical tests while sitting in another country or away from an exporter's manufacturing unit, the best you can do is fetch videos of such physical tests from clients, do a video call or video meeting quality checks, and perform examinations. There are specific quality certifications issued to the tile manufacturers if they meet the standard quality expectations. It is preferred to choose a tile exporter with credentials such as CGCRI tested.

Step 3: Choose The Perfect Type of Tile

India is blessed with innovative and creative wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchens tiles, outdoor tiles and parking tiles and considerable market shares as per trusted sources. The ceramic tiles bagged the charts of the significant tiles exporter in India among different tiles categories.

Nowadays, there are a surplus of tile exporters and manufacturers and are offering a wide range of tiling option, ranging from digitally vitrified, ceramic, porcelain, double charged vitrified, full-body vitrified, 3D tiles, wood lool a like tiles, wooden tiles, marble tiles, glazed ceramic porcelain tiles and even replicas of natural stones are also available as a subtle option for durable tile.

Each of these comes with many options with textured, glossy, matte, and sundry color palettes. Indeed opting for the best-suited tile that too within the budget is a difficult one to pick.

Also, the vitrified tiles or the porcelain tiles manufactured in India are in great demand worldwide. The porcelain tiles are a streamlined edition of ceramic tiles manufactured from more refined and denser clay that is baked at a fixed high temperature to evaporate the water content present in the mixture. After that, they are printed using a unique and specialized printing technique.

Later on, they are cut into made-to-order shapes and sizes as tiles. This process makes the vitrified tiles tough, durable, and water-resistant. The vitrified or porcelain tiles have lots to offer from its splendid collection of finishes varying from monochromatic to vibrantly polished porcelain floor tiles, matt porcelain tiles to glossy porcelain floor tile, plain or speckled to marbled; colors ranging from white porcelain tiles to colored porcelain tiles; pattern ranging from wood grain porcelain tile, porcelain ceramic tile, marble look, porcelain mosaic floor tile, hardwood, granite, and more; and shapes like hexagon porcelain tile.

Import And Export of Ceramic Porcelain Tiles India      Import And Export of Ceramic Porcelain Tiles Morbi, India

Choose Tiles Based on Tiles Ratings:

However, after getting the quality checks right, you can easily pick the desired porcelain tiles based on the PEI ratings. Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) has categorized the porcelain tiles into a different rating system. But this helps pick out the best and most-suited porcelain tiles for various applications varying from the parking area to big commercial projects. The PEI rating system stands on similar principles, such as ceramic tiles, and these ratings range between 0 to 5. Let's have a look over it.

  • Group 0 or PEI 0: The tiles with PEI 0 ratings have a low hardness and don't have a rigid profile. They are not advisable for application in low to high traffic areas as they cannot withstand foot traffic pressure. These types of tiles are suitable only for walls, not for flooring purposes.

  • Group 1 or PEI 1: The tiles under the PEI 1 group can withstand low traffic and low foot pressure. It makes them suitable for light spaces with fewer traffic areas such as washrooms.

  • Group 2 or PEI 2: The tiles under the PEI 2 group are generally faultless for a small-footed area where people wear soft-soled sandals or slippers. They can withstand the pressure of general traffic areas. They are unfit for high traffic areas such as kitchens, entrance halls, and stairs.

  • Group 3 or PEI 3: The tiles under the PEI 3 group can withstand improved residential and light commercial areas like countertops, interior walls, offices, and residential bathroom floors.

  • Group 4 or PEI 4: The tiles under the PEI 4 group can withstand moderate traffics areas and spaces. Residential and commercial places may use their kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies, and corridors. Many small and large buildings also consider this item.

  • Group 5 or PEI 5: The tiles under PEI 5 group can withstand medium to heavy traffic areas such as parking areas, patios, areas disposed to scratch and wetness like malls, buildings entering the site, and public buildings and pool garnish by these robust tiles.

Need To Knoe About Ceramic Porcelain Tiles Suitability

Step 4: Check Terms & Conditions And Make Payment

Once the required and the prerequisites are done, the import process is instigated. After the mutual agreement between buyer and seller is completed and well-documented, the import shipment occurs. Pricing, quality specifications, payment terms, terms delivery, mode of transport, and other terms and conditions are agreed upon and mentioned in the purchase order.

The import shipment of CERAMIC Products has been affected accordingly. As you know, under any importation of goods, necessary import documentation and customs clearance procedures at importing countries have to be completed by either exporter's customs broker or exporter directly as per the foreign trade policy of the respective importing country.

Nowadays, necessary information is filed online and produces required documents at the time of inspection, assessment, or delivery of import of goods at destination customs location. The international partners of countries share quality measures and are exempt from multiple checks on the same products both for export and import.

However, as per the most developed countries' policy, importing goods from the Least Developed Countries (LDC) must be certified by authorized agencies before export. So, if any import of CERAMIC products occurs, the details of such information can be obtained from necessary government agencies of importing countries.

Some Vital And Essential Tips To Keep In Mind Before Importing Tiles From India?

Before importing tiles or planning to import tiles for the first time, the tiles manufacturers might have many queries and doubts regarding shipping package assurance, packaging guidelines, the medium of transit, costs, and more. Check out some vital points to remember for a smoother transit process while importing tiles from India.

Loading Port Details:

When the imported tile lot is assigned to the manufacturer, they transport the tile products from their warehouse to the nearest Port of Loading. The transportation cost involved for loading the parcel to the port is usually mentioned and included in the Freight on Board (FOB) cost estimated by the tile manufacturer.

Freight Cost:

Freight cost is usually the computer based on the cargo like full container load or less than container load that includes the cost of transportation from the Port of Loading to the Port of Destination.


The insurance of the import package is a crucial and vital step. It is advisable not to skip the imported package's insurance as it will bear any cost or loss during the tiles' transit. So, confirm with the manufacturer about the tiles' strong packaging and the material used for packaging.
Always ask for the tile products' insurance; if any damage or loss occurs while in transit. If the insurance is done for the package, the tile manufacturer or the forwarder will bear the loss and reimburse you for the damage or loss.

Document Delivery:

The bill of lading includes a complete list of the packing that consists of the order details, commercial inventory, and other supporting documents. They are sent to the exporter through FedEx or DHL, or any other courier company.

Custom Clearance:

A customs bond mandates and needs to be filed for any import goods shipped to India's US.


Indian tiles market is highly adaptable towards the latest and innovative trends in the tiling market and leverages leading-edge technology to stay in line with the newest trend. India's tiles market's potential is colossal, impacting, and presence among the top tile manufacturing and tiles markets globally.

TilesWale is spreading its wings ahead to offer the best digital tile product in the Indian and global digital tile market. They have an adept and specialized team of researchers, creators, and innovators who are entirely focused on handling the huge tiles manufacturers, exporters, and dealers database and managing the International market's tiles marketing undertakings.

Due to that, the whole team and business have witnessed eceptional growth in terms of production capacity, business turnover, and production demand of our digital tile product globally.

Article Updated:- May 05, 2022

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