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One Piece Basin

Any washbasin is considered as a focal point in a bathroom setting, from simplistic to robust to ultra-stylish the options are numerous. The bathroom has been forever a very personal space option for people and hence any fixtures and furnishings in that space have always been subjected to personalization or to provide a sense of motivation or inspiration.

Various sorts of fixtures may be used to enliven a bathroom and improve its interior design theme. Every bathroom demands certain essential items, such as a toilet, shower area, bath, wall mirrors, and so on. 

Bathroom washbasins have evolved in terms of construction and shape. It is now available in accordance with the needs of the consumers. A huge percentage of homeowners like to use designer sinks since they add to a bathroom's stylish design.

However, not many fixtures come as close to a washbasin when it comes to transforming a bathroom. While there are many different options lately One Piece Basin has been the talk of the town and has been one of the most popular items on Tileswale’s exclusive offering. 

Perhaps one of the most fashionable –the Pedestal basin is magnificent and royal. It can be found in the majority of residences. Such sinks are supported by a thin base that is either reduced or round and hollow where it reaches the floor.

Pedestal sinks offer beauty and finesse, but they require an acceptable carrying capacity. It isn't ideal for small bathrooms, but it works well in spaces with open floor plans and high ceilings. They are available in a variety of rich and sophisticated designs to complement any type of bathroom. Tileswale’s extensive collection offers a wide variety of One Piece Basin in different designs, styles, and affordability.


One Piece Basin 485x450x438mm


One Piece Basin 490x427x382mm


One Piece Basin 372x372x537mm


One Piece Basin 505x350x260mm


One Piece Basin 465x325x240mm


One Piece Basin 555x470x395mm


One Piece Basin 465x420x300mm


One Piece Basin 430x430x420mm


One Piece Basin 415x415x860mm


One Piece Basin 380x380x860mm



One Piece Basin 480x425x870mm



One Piece Basin 450x450x850mm


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