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How to Import Vietnamese Tiles: Details with Payment Terms & All Process

By Tileswale

In terms of tile production, Vietnam is one of Asia's leading countries. Tile goods are used not only in the United States, but also in other countries. Vietnam is one of the world's leading tile exporters. Vietnam is the world's fifth-largest producer of ceramic tiles. Ceramic manufacturers are being forced to enhance their manufacturing processes and product quality due to strong competition in both the local and international markets.

Here's a complete guide on how to import Vietnamese Tiles.

1. Knowledge about Vietnamese Tiles, Its Classification & Different Types

When importing Chinese tiles, you may be perplexed by the different descriptions available. Even the same type of tile has a variety of names. The following are the most common choices for Import in many countries around the world:

- Ceramic Tiles
- Wooden Floor Tiles
- Terracotta Clay Tiles
- Porcelain Tiles
- Plain colored Tiles
- Wood Deck Tiles
- Clay Tiles
- Cement Tiles

Square and rectangular tiles are the most frequently ordered shapes, but with options. The natural appearance of granite and natural stones is reflected in the design of the Vietnamese tiles. Cement Tiles are specially handcrafter tiles. The design on the tiles varies. The pattern of porcelain and ceramic tiles, as well as the manufacturer, are all factors to consider.


2. Finding Right Manufacturers or Providers

There are a few things to think about while importing tile from Vietnam. It's also crucial to make sure the manufacturer or supplier has all of the necessary paperwork for the import and shipment of the tiles. The primary problem in importing Vietnamese ceramics and pottery is quality control. If you purchase from an untrustworthy vendor, you risk receiving a subpar product or one that does not meet your expectations. This is why you need eyes at work; an agent working on your behalf to check the product while it is being manufactured.

It is preferable to choose an Export Partner that can provide the necessary brand of items at a reasonable price. Dealing with the verified and experienced manufacturers, on the other hand, is often more advantageous because you can be certain of the quality of the provided ceramic tiles.


3. Ensuring Successful Import of High-Quality Goods

Obtain a sample for a thorough inspection before making your final purchase of Vietnamese tiles. Ensure that the ceramic items have correct papers and guarantees. Always check to see whether the Tiles have been authorized and tested for stain resistance, color consistency, water absorption, shock resistance, moisture expansion, and durability, among other things. Furthermore, the materials and packaging comply with the buyer's country's regulations.

All the above assurance guarantee that the Tiles that are to be imported meet high quality requirements, the buyer should be aware of these crucial steps that must be completed before to the final purchase of products.


4. Shipment Terms

Importing tiles for the first time can be a complex operation, and there could be worries regarding shipping assurance, packing, delivery method, pricing, and so on. It is important to select a reliable exporter who can provide shipping insurance before importing tiles into the nation.
Shipments terms are majorly agreed upon in one of the two following agreements:

=> FOB Shipment - FOB means Freight on Board or Free on Board. If terms of delivery of a transaction is on FOB means, the cost of movement of goods on board of Airlines or on board of ship is borne by the seller. Rest of all expenses to arrive the goods at buyer's premise has to be met by the buyer. An FOB price can also be explained as the cost of product that the except shipping cost.

The buyer is responsible for all additional costs associated with transporting the items to the buyer's location. They choose the Freight liner, and the seller ships the items according to the buyer's instructions. The buyer is responsible for paying the shipping company for the cost of freight. Buyer arranges for the items to be insured and pays for the insurance.

=> CNF Shipment - The letters CNF stand for Cost and Freight. This means that the freight charges are the responsibility of the products' provider. The buyer of the items is responsible for arranging and paying for the goods' insurance. During transit and unloading of the goods, the buyer assumes the risk and must organize adequate insurance.


5. Shipping Guarantees

In most cases, the client and the supplier agree on all price and terms in document. Transit from the warehouse to the nearest port, as well as transportation in the recipient country till the buyer's warehouse, freight costs, and insurance are all covered by shipping assurances. Shipping assurances include ceramic product insurance in the case of late delivery or damage during transit, as well as necessary paperwork dockets such as Purchase order, Packing Document, Product Details, Weight, and other requisites, as well as custom clearance.


6. Payment Terms

Vietnam conduct business using various methods of payment, such as letters of credit (L/C’s), drafts, and wire transfers.

- Wire Transfer - Direct deposit to the provider's verified account is one of the acceptable payment methods.

- Letter of Credit - In this option, the importer does not need to pay an advance deposit to the supplier for orders under $30,000. You can submit a letter of credit from your bank to the supplier. However, you must cover the bank's fees associated with issuing the L/C.

- Cash - It is acceptable if the importer is visiting the supply nation or if a local agent has been authorized to conduct a cash transaction on their behalf.

Buyers should always choose recognized, experienced, and trustworthy providers for a hassle-free and seamless import.

Article Updated:- December 21, 2021

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