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Best Top 10 Tiles Manufacturers Company in India

By Tileswale

Top 10 Tiles Company in India

  1. Kajaria Ceramic
  2. Asian Granito India Ltd
  3. Hindware Homes Limited (Hsil)
  4. Nitco Ltd
  5. Somany Ceramics Limited
  6. H R Johnson Tiles
  7. Orient Bell Ltd
  8. Varmora Tiles
  9. Simpolo Tiles
  10. Cera Tiles India

Choosing tiles for a commercial or residential project has always been a herculean task to accomplish. The catch is to pick the best tiles amongst the plethora of tiles manufacturers available in the market. Do you know, Morbi is considered to be the hub of the finest tiles manufacturer in India? Morbi is located in Gujarat, and it is renowned for its exceptional quality of tiles manufacturer and exporter. Apart from being the hub of porcelain and ceramic excellence in India, Morbi proves its worth overseas by exporting the porcelain and ceramic goods via the nearest shipping port – Mundra port. The high quality finished vitrified tile products are shipped carefully and strategically by ensuring all the required and essential documentation for the exported country.

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1) Kajaria Ceramic

Whenever there is a need for a high-quality vitrified bathroom or kitchen wall tile, the Kajaria Ceramic tops the chart. Kajaria Ceramic holds a success story in wall & floor tile from 1985. Kajaria Ceramic is derived from Platinum's word, and they prove the meaning of their brand name in the real sense. The company's motto is to provide the finest and the best quality products to buyers and small retailers to big dealers and distributors. They are well known for their lasting and enduring outcomes. Check out the latest catalog of Kajaria Ceramic Verified from their official website

Kajaria Ceramic Products :-
- Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Living Room Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Outdoor Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Bedroom Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Kitchen Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Bathroom Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Floor Tiles For Commercial Spaces Manufacturer
- Glazed Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
- Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer
- Polished Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
- Stairs Tiles Manufacturer
- Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Bathroom Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Kitchen Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Outdoor Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Living Room Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Bedroom Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Wall Tiles For Commercial Spaces

Contact:- +1800 11 2992
Address:- Corporate Office: J1/B1 (Extn.), Mohan Co - op Industrial Estate(Opp. Badarpur Thermal Power Station), Mathura Road , New Delhi - 110 044


2) Asian Granito India

If looks and modern prints on tile are your requirements for your project. Then the Asian Granito tiles is the one stop solution for the same. Asian Granito follow the 100% qualitative approach while manufacturing the ceramic tiles in india; they have modern and latest machinery to produce ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles goods. Want to know more about Asian Granito? Check out their updated and latest products

Asian Granito Products:-
- Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Double Charge Tile Manufacturer
- Polished Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
- Parking Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
- Porcellanto Tuff Guard Manufacturer
- Fasttrack Series Manufacturer
- Anti-Bacterial Tile Manufacturer
- Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Glister Polished Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer
- Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
- Natural Wooden Planks Manufacturer
- Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Digital Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Bathroom Tiles Manufacturer
- Kitchen Tiles Manufacturer
- Hd Polish Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer
- Outdoor / Parking Tiles Manufacturer
- Grandura Plus Manufacturer
- Grandura Manufacturer
- Eco Blanco Marble Tiles Manufacturer

Contact:- +91-79-66125500 & +91-79-66125698
Address:- Corporate Office: 202, Dev Arc, Opp. Iskcon Temple,S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad - 380015,Gujarat, India.

3) Hindware Homes Limited (Hsil)

Hindware Homes Limited (Hsil) is a trusted brand identity for purchasing exclusive and premium wall tiles manufacturers in India. Hsil is a proud owner of a jaw-dropping huge manufacturing unit with a 3.5 million sqm manufacturing capacity per annum. They are adept with the latest 720 dpi 4K digital printing Kerajet mechanism with Xaar 2001+ printing head. Planning to buy some limited edition and high-end ceramic wall tiles manufacturing tiles factory? Do visit their website

Contact:- +91 1800 200 7577
Address:- Khasra No. 808, Tikri Kalan Extension Delhi Rohtak Road New Delhi-110041

4) Nitco Ltd

Nitco ceramic Ltd has more than 68 years of experience in manufacturing the outstanding quality of digital tile and has delivered more than thousand of projects throughout its tenure. They have impeccable designs with waterproof properties that enhance the beauty of the tile wherever placed. Nitco is well known for its European designs and collections of tile and that to withing budget-friendly rates. To check out the massive collection of Nitco Tiles, visit

Nitco Ltd Products:-
- Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Ceramic Wall Tile Manufacturer
- Glazed Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
- Vitrified DCH Manufacturer
- Vitrified Heavy Duty Tiles Manufacturer
- Vitrified SST Manufacturer
- Made In Italy Manufacturer
- Floor Tiles Manufacturer
- Wall Tiles Manufacturer
- Marble Tiles Manufacturer
- Quartzite Tile Manufacturer
- Onyx Tiles Manufacturer
- Marble Collection Manufacturer
- Granite Tiles Manufacturer
- Vitrified Elevation Tiles Manufacturer
- Mosaico Tiles Manufacturer
- Crust Collection Manufacturer
- Decor Collection Manufacturer
- Frame Collection Manufacturer
- Magnum Opus Collection Manufacturer
- Naturale Collection Manufacturer
- Signature Collection Manufacturer

Contact:- 1800 266 4826
Address:- Corporate Office: Nitco Limited. Nitco House, Seth Govindram Jolly Marg, Kanjur Marg (East), Mumbai 400 042, Maharashtra, India.

5) Somany Ceramics Limited

Somany Ceramics is focused on creating superior quality products within limited and even stringent deadlines. They are known to promptly cater to the varied needs relating to living spaces and modern architecture. They have a full-fledged team of skilled consultants who are experienced in providing the best possible advice for any project, ranging from small residential projects to big commercial buildings pr store. They facilitate you to select the best ceramic tiles manufacturers in India all type to meet your exclusive requirements and that, too, without hindering your overall budget. If you think Somany Ceramic has the desired catalog, visit and explore

Somany Ceramics Limited Products:-
- 148.5x600mm Manufacturer
- 148.5x450mm Manufacturer
- 196x1200mm Manufacturer
- 200x300mm Manufacturer
- 200x1000mm Manufacturer
- 200x1200mm Manufacturer
- 250x375mm Manufacturer
- 296x1200mm Manufacturer
- 300x300mm Manufacturer
- 300x450mm Manufacturer
- 300x600mm Manufacturer
- 300x750mm Manufacturer
- 300x1200mm Manufacturer
- 396x396mm Manufacturer
- 400x400mm Manufacturer
- 450x900mm Manufacturer
- 600x600mm Manufacturer
- 605x605mm Manufacturer
- 600x1200mm Manufacturer
- 800x800mm Manufacturer
- 800x1200mm Manufacturer
- 800x1600mm Manufacturer
- 1000x1000mm Manufacturer
- 1200x1200mm Manufacturer
- 1200x1800mm Manufacturer
- 1200x2400mm Manufacturer
- Bedroom Tiles Manufacturer
- Living Room Tiles Manufacturer
- Kitchen Tile Manufacturer
- Bathroom Tiles Manufacturer
- Outdoor Tiles Manufacturer
- Terrace Tile Manufacturer

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Contact:- 1800-1030-004
Address:- F 34, Sector 6, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India

6) H&R Johnson (India)

Since 1958, H&R Johnson (India) proves its worth and gives tough competition to the new emerging and growing tile companies and manufacturers. It has a rich experience of 60 years in serving the customer requirements and ensuring they are producing the finest lifestyle solutions with a wide range of offerings through tiles, bathroom products, and engineered marble and quartz. Backed with the most pleasing R&D setup of the country and our liking for understanding the pain instants of the customers. They have been at the forefront of launching most of the innovations and unique features, including a few anti-skid & water-repellent tile for bathrooms, germ-free tiles, sanitaryware joint free tile exterior & commercial floor tile manufacturers.

Discover more about the iconic Johnson India products at

H&R Johnson (India) Products:-
- Geometric Tiles Manufacturer
- Metallic Tiles Manufacturer
- Abstract Tiles Manufacturer
- Rustic Tiles Manufacturer
- Concrete Tiles Manufacturer
- Flower Tiles Manufacturer
- Monochromatic Tiles Manufacturer
- Stone Tiles Manufacturer
- Brick Tiles Manufacturer
- Fabric Tiles Manufacturer
- Marble Tiles Manufacturer
- Wood Tiles Manufacturer
- Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers

Contact:- 1800-22-7484
Address:- 7th Floor, Windsor, C.S.T. Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai India

HR Johnson Best Top Tiles Manufacturers Company in India

7) Orient Bell Ltd

Orient Bell is one of the trusted and leading manufacturers and exporter of flooring tiles, which can be easily installed in high-traffic areas of residential flats, bungalows, commercial complexes, and government buildings, offices, airports, IT parks. They are serving their valuable customers and keeping their satisfaction on high priority for the past 50+ years. If you are looking for the best, skid-free, durable, and long-lasting, sturdy parking tiles for your project, visit

Orient Bell Ltd Products:-
- Ceramic Wall Tiles
- Vitrified Wall Tiles
- Glazed Vitrified Wall Tiles
- Polished Vitrified Wall Tiles
- Porcelain Wall Tiles
- Designer Wall Tiles
- Highlighter Wall Tiles
- Light Wall Tiles
- Dark Wall Tiles
- Wall Tile Designs
- Plain Wall Tiles
- Marble Wall Tiles
- Wooden Wall Tiles
- 3D Wall Tiles
- Mosaic Wall Tiles
- Geometric Wall Tiles
- Floral Wall Tiles
- Texture Wall Tiles
- Brick Wall Tiles
- Matte Finish Floor Tiles
- Glossy Finish Floor Tiles
- Reactive Finish Floor Tiles
- Lapato Finish Floor Tiles
- Bathroom Tiles
- Kitchen Tiles
- Parking Tiles
- Elevation Tiles
- Bedroom Tiles
- Outdoor Tiles
- Terrace Tiles
- Living Room Tiles
- Balcony Tiles
- Swimming Pool Tiles

Contact:- +91-11-47119100
Address:- Iris House, 16 Business Centre,Nangal Raya, DDA Complex, New Delhi

 Top Tiles Manufacturers Company in India

8) Varmora Tiles

Varmora Tiles is established in 1994 and is an emerging company in the tile industry. They have an astonishing range of 1200 x 1200 mm, 1200 x 1800 mm, 1200 x 2400 mm, 800 X 1600 mm, 800 X 2600 mm, 900 X 1800 mm ceramic porcelain tiles manufacturers in india, and you may select the best suitable product amongst two finishes – matte and glossy. Varmora strives to become the leading manufacturer by our world-class products and successfully deliver world-class characteristics and standards tile not limited to the domestic market but also to international clients worldwide. Explore Varmora official website to get the latest deals.

Varmora Tiles Products:-
- 200X1000MM
- 200X1200MM
- 300X300MM
- 400X400MM
- 600X1200MM
- 600X600MM
- 800X800MM

Contact:- +91 98252 23068
Address:- 8/A, National Highway, At. Dhuva, Tal. Wankaner, Dist. Morbi, Gujarat 363621, India.


9) Simpolo Tiles

With the ideology impeccably beautiful, incredibly smart motto, Simpolo serves its patrons for a decade. They have astonishing and durable Italian designs crafted cautiously in massive infrastructure and the latest technology machines and tools. Their manufacturing unit has a production capacity of 33 Lakh sq. mtr in 2020 & 2021 and has successfully delivered hundreds of local and international projects.

Simpolo Tiles Products:-
- Marble Effect Tiles
- Stone Look Tiles
- Concrete Look Tiles
- Wood Effect Tiles
- Metal Tiles
- Rustic Tiles
- Fullbody Tiles
- Double Charge Tiles
- Decor Tiles
- Bookmatch Tiles
- Livingroom Tiles
- Bathroom Tiles
- Kitchen Tiles
- Outdoor Tiles
- Balcony Tiles
- Staircase Tiles
- Elevation Tiles
- Commercial Tiles

Contact:- +91 7228922222
Address:- Old Ghuntu Road, Morbi - 363642, Gujarat, INDIA


10) Cera Tiles India

Cera Ceramic tiles is one of the finest industry of the high quality most good Italian porcelain floor tiles in size 600x600 mm & 600x1200 mm. Their products are ISO and CC certifications certified and come with a massive range of colors and textures. They are one of the foremost best india's largest porcelain tile manufacturers and suppliers of porcelain products with premium characteristics such as hard wearing and low water absorption rate. Explore italian porcelain tiles in for the best quality products at affordable rates.

Cera Tiles India Products:-
- Floor Tiles
- Wall Tiles
- Glazed Vitrified Tiles
- Polished Vitrified Tiles
- Ceramic Floor Tiles
- Ceramic Wall Tiles
- Elevation Tiles
- Lucido Tiles
- Refinito Tiles
- Elegante Tiles
- Patio Tiles
- Digitale Tiles
- Eterno Tiles
- Fiore Tiles
- Ruvido Tiles
- High Gloss Polish Tiles
- Glossy Tiles
- Matt Tiles
- Matt Sugar Tiles
- Satin Tiles
- TR Coating Tiles
- Wood Matt Tiles
- Sugar Tiles
- Stone Matt Tiles
- Polished Tiles
- Rustic Tiles

Contact:- +91 72290 70707
Address:- 7th & 8th  Floor, B Wing, Privilon, Ambli BRTS Road, ISKCON Crossroads, Ahmedabad 380059

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Article Updated:- May 05, 2022

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