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How Can Tile Dealers & distributors help Customers to Select the Best Home Tiles?

By Tileswale

Every person wishes to adorn their homes and the shops with the best-looking tiles, and this obsession from customers makes the tile selling business a good business opportunity. It sounds appealing in the first instance, but practically it is seen that tile dealers and distributors have to face problems when the customers come up to them and ask them for tiles without having any prior knowledge about the tiles.

Currently, coatings are being developed and updated in terms of designs and patterns to become the best decorative materials for projects that meet the increasing demands of consumers.

Guide Your Customers for Tile Selection

Suppose you are a tile dealer or a distributor. In that case, you must understand that taking that one step forward to guide your customers about which tiles are suitable to their needs can act as a bonus point for you and add you to the list of best tile dealers or distributors in the town! Even if this effort takes up your extra time, it will be worth it as the customers will happily add some good reviews to your profile.

Now that it understood that being a tile dealer or distributor, you might have to guide your customers for the tile selection, have a look at some things you must focus on when you help out your potential customer.

Location Specifications

Ask your customer about the exact location they wish to get the tiles laid. This is because tile selection will be different for different types of properties as well as area size. Ask whether the tiles are to be placed in an office space, a garden, poolside, bathroom, and so on. This will help you gain essential insight into their requirement. Tiles for the living room are diverse in models and types, which makes it easier for the consumer to choose the type of wall tiles that suits their level and needs.

Show Your Catalogue

As a next practice, show your product catalog to the customers and ask them to select a couple of designs they like. This will give an idea of their preferences, and you can show them similar designs. You can further enquire about the interiors of the place where the tiles are to be placed, such as wall color. This will help you to guide them regarding the color of the tile that will best suit their property. 


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Tile Size and Texture Choice

The size of the tile is an essential factor in tile selection. This is because smaller tiles will make space look smaller and likewise, large tiles will give an impression of a spacious room. Another essential thing to be kept in mind while advising your customer about tile selection is texture. The choice of texture again depends on the location. You can consult ceramic tiles manufacturer as well as other tile manufacturers better to understand the suitability of various textures of tiles. Generally, for wet areas, ceramic tiles with either a strong grip or a wooden surface are preferred. While for outdoor locations, glossy or matte finish tiles are a better option.

Provide The Difference Between Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a better choice for walls as they make quick water absorption. For floor areas, vitrified or porcelain tiles are best suited since they have less water absorption adding durability and life to the tiles. The fact is also supported by expert views of porcelain slab suppliers, porcelain tiles exporters as well as digital vitrified tiles manufacturers/exporters. 

So, if you are a dealer or distributor of tiles, make sure you understand the needs of the customers. Always ask them for specifications so that you can assist them better.

Article Updated:- March 28, 2022

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