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Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat

By Tileswale


  1. Notion Gallery Surat
  2. Royale Touche Laminates and Wooden Floors 
  3. Woods Laminate Gallery
  4. Apex Home Decor
  5. Dev laminate
  6. Luxurito Surfaces
  7. Shiv Shakti Decor
  8. Inovar Floor
  9. Shreeji Profiles
  10. Royale Touche

A captivating universe of wooden flooring is waiting for you in the center of Surat, and we are eager to embark on this alluring excursion to discover the best in the industry! Get ready for a fascinating tour of the top 10 wooden flooring retailers, each one an embodiment of elegance, comfort, and practicality. 

The customer-focused values of these shops, which serve your every desire, and the incredibly varied and expansive collections, which will leave you in a state of disbelief, make them shine like undiscovered treasures. 

This is the place where your modest home becomes a work of art, in which diversity complies with credibility, and where your visions come to life. These shops, whose stellar ratings precede them, invite you to splurge on luxury without going over budget.

Now get ready for a virtual visit to Surat, let this article captivate you with the wooden flooring wonderland. Here style, substance, and Surat's soul become one in an unprecedented combination of sophistication and functionality, so let's get started.

1. Notion Gallery Surat

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Notion Gallery Surat

Top of the list and one of the most important stops on our path within the realm of wooden flooring, Notion Gallery is a stalwart in Surat's wooden flooring scene, offering a staggering variety of floor patterns that vary from traditional to imaginative contemporary designs. But it's not just about facades as these maestros are also committed to providing some of the most resilient choices in the market.

Each board and floor are made specifically so that it can withstand the rigors of time due to its client-focused way of doing things. So, if you're searching for wooden flooring that's not only beautiful but also able to endure the rigors of daily use, Notion Gallery is where you need to be!

Address: Udhana - Magdalla Rd, Chandramani Society, New City Light, Althan, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Phone: 093743 05201

2. Royale Touche Laminates and Wooden Floors 

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Royale Touche Laminates and Wooden Floors 

Next on the list is Royale Touche Laminates and Wooden Floors, which has rightfully earned its no. 2 spot. They are genuinely the epitome of style in Surat, and their stunning collection of wooden floorings will knock you off your feet for good. Their designs range from timeless favorites to pioneering marvels, and they have a reputation for bringing dreams to life.

You can't help but fall in love with the sheer variety, all without breaking your remodeling or construction budgets. It is not by chance that their track record is so strong and uniform, as every step across their floors resonates with an aura of distinction.

Royale Touche is an extravagantly reputed encounter and more than that, its without compromise. Here is where your flooring journey begins and ends in unrivaled majesty.

Address: Plot No 14 To 16, Lalwala Ind Estate 120 feet Bamroli Road, Bamroli Rd, near Bhatia Mobile, Surat, Gujarat 394210

Phone: 099043 30388

3. Woods Laminate Gallery

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Woods Laminate Gallery

As our journey continues through this list of top 10 wooden flooring stores in Surat, our attention is drawn to Woods Laminate Gallery, which ranks third on our list of Surat's wooden flooring gems. Nature's motivation complies with human workmanship in an incredibly in-tune collaboration in this captivating emporium of outstanding wooden floors, featuring a comprehensive and unmatched assortment ranging from natural beauty to sleek modern precision, Woods Laminate Gallery attracts through its transparent diversity.

They provide more than just wooden floors; they provide an entry ticket to an appealing search through the very core of your living area.

Learn about their fantastic collection and allow the soles of your feet to kiss the cozy feel of extravagant hardwood flooring that matches perfectly with the character of your home.

It's not just about visual appeal with Woods Laminate Gallery; it's about generating a setting that speaks tales of ease, flair, and expertise.

Address: Varachha Main Rd, near Karamnath Mahadev Mandir, Kapodra Patiya, Surat, Gujarat 395006

Phone: 076008 17151

4. Apex Home Decor

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat-Apex Home Decor

Apex Home Decor placed fourth in our pursuit for excellent wooden flooring, emerges as a beacon of style and dependability in Surat. Apex Home Decor is an established brand in the world of wooden flooring, with a rich history spanning years. Their dedication to excellence is more than an assertion; it is a determined fact imprinted in the archives of Surat's decor tradition.

Apex Home Decor delivers an array of wooden flooring choices that complement your distinctive preferences, whether you want an element of charm or an entirely new look. Apex Home Decor perfectly combines cost-effectiveness and luxury in a city that prospers on luxury. The ideal home becomes a physical reality with Apex Home Decor, in which both style and function exist alongside flawless balance.

Address: FF-234, Marvella Corridor, VIP Road, opp. Croma - Vesu, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Phone: 090292 93459

5. Dev laminate

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Dev laminate

Dev Laminate, ranked fifth on our list, amazes us with its laminate flooring prowess. Dev Laminate is the epitome of affordability and quality. Their laminate flooring options reinvent practicality without sacrificing lavishness, and of course, with an incredible variety of wooden flooring patterns, they are sure to make your head spin with delight. 

Dev Laminate possesses it all, whether you want an old-school, everlasting solution or a cutting-edge, present-day ambiance. Their dedication to the industry standard is steadfast which in turn ensures that the money you spend will be worth it. Dev Laminate is more than a mere retail location; it's a portal to a realm where beauty and value can coexist.

Address: Plot No. 20, Dhabuwala Compound, Next Gali to SNS Interio, Bhatar, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Phone: 093273 31800

6. Luxurito Surfaces

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat- Luxurito Surfaces

Luxurito Surfaces, an enchanting haven of exquisite wooden flooring, beckons you to experience a world where your floors become a masterpiece of artistry. With a diverse collection that ranges from timeless classics to avant-garde designs, they orchestrate elegance that dances with your interiors.

This store weaves narratives through its wooden planks, each grain whispering stories of craftsmanship. Their commitment to uncompromising quality forms the foundation, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Step into Luxurito Surfaces and allow your senses to be captivated by the symphony of luxury, where every step echoes with sophistication. Your floor, your canvas, their artistry – a harmonious blend for your dream home.

Address: G-2 A Wing, Bhatar Trade Centre, Bhatar Char Rasta, Surat, Gujarat 395017

Phone: 081404 42200

7. Shiv Shakti Decor

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Shiv Shakti Decor

Shiv Shakti Decor, nestled among the busy avenues of Surat, develops as an enduring mastermind in the field of wooden flooring. With a long history, this business has perfected the art of incorporating embrace into each plank.

Shiv Shakti Decor's wooden floors are beyond simply surfaces; they're compositions of expertise, with complex patterns that advise tales and simplistic delights. A visit here is like entering a realm where wood transforms into beauty.

Shiv Shakti Decor sits solidly in an industry defined by developments a shining example of dedication to excellence and visual appeal. It's a location where the floors aren't just underneath your feet, but also etching memories for generations.

Address: 59 Ambica Industrial Society-2,U.M. Road, Bhater, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Phone: 098795 16973

8. Inovar Floor

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Inovar Floor

Thanks to an extensive history and an unrelenting search for flawlessness, Inovar Floor guarantees your floors exceed standards, turning into everlasting masterpieces within the confines of your home.

Their dedication to quality is evident in their never-ending search for the latest and most cutting-edge floor-covering solutions. From sustainable alternatives to astounding concepts, Inovar Floor is the ultimate selection for the sophisticated and long-lasting homeowner.

So enter the world of Inovar Floor, in which creativity fulfills the personal desires and aesthetics that transcend imagination, and all this while your floors become a reflection of your exemplary personal preference right in front of you.

Address: Shop No.6, Kshetrapal Dada Marg, Opposite Shankeshwar Complex, Kailash Nagar, Sagrampura, Surat, Gujarat 395002

Phone: 093284 47390

9. Shreeji Profiles

Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Shreeji Profiles

Discover Shreeji Profiles, where wood transcends into artistry and etch an indelible mark with its unwavering commitment to quality. With an unmatched dedication, Shreeji Profiles transforms each plank into a masterpiece.

Their floors don't just add to the architecture of your home; they elevate it to grandeur and of course, add value to it. From classic to contemporary, Shreeji Profiles caters to every taste, leaving you awe-struck. When you want more than just wooden floors, Shreeji Profiles is the destination.

Address: 191/AB, Ambika Industrial Society 2, Gandhi Kutir, Surat, Gujarat 395017

Phone: 098793 64633

10. Royale Touche

 Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Surat - Royale Touche

As the tenth jewel on this glittering list, Royale Touche, the pinnacle of flooring made of wood excellence, is due another mention with its store in Uttran. Royale Touche is an icon of eternal class, and a reputation, carefully cultivated over years of outstanding performance that exudes trust. 

Royale Touche is more than just a choice; it is a distinctiveness that your space deserves. Their assortment will make your pulse go high, providing an arrangement of possibilities that delights your personal taste.

Address: A-104, Aditya Complex Opp Aashtha Square, Near, VIP Cir, Uttran, Surat, Gujarat 394105

Phone: 081550 06002


Article Last Updated: 19th Sep 2023

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