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Top 10 Wooden Flooring Stores in Ahmedabad

By Tileswale


  1. The Wooden House
  2. Square Foot Flooring
  3. Surya Click
  4. Shreeji Decor - wooden flooring / Rubber flooring
  5. Royale Touche 
  6. Floor World
  7. Pergo Design Centre
  8. Prexa Interiors
  9. Shree Enterprise
  10. Intercrafts India

Ahmedabad, the enchanting city where wooden flooring dreams come true! Step into a realm of elegance and grace, as we unveil the top 10 wooden flooring stores that'll sweep you off your feet. In this delightful journey, our protagonist, the savvy flooring enthusiast, is in for a treat! Each store has its unique allure – from The Wooden House, reigning supreme with regal customer support, to Square Foot Flooring, leaving footprints of quality nationwide. 

Hold your breath for Surya Click's specialized HDF laminates, and let Shreeji Decor amaze you with its eclectic mix of wood and rubber. The crown jewel, Royale Touche, and the budget-savvy Floor World, also have their grand entrances. Pergo Design Centre awaits to design your desires, while Prexa Interiors vows to impress with affordability and excellence. 

Amidst this adventure, Shree Enterprise pledges trust and support, while Intercrafts India crafts magic beyond wood. Get ready to tread on floors that inspire and elevate, as our protagonist finds the wooden flooring paradise in Ahmedabad.

1. The Wooden House

wooden House - Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

Amongst the top 10 wooden floorings store in Ahmedabad, The Wooden house has proven itself to be the best. With unmatched quality and options that range from simple to vibrant, they have everything that a customer can conceive of. They bring dreams to reality and have been doing it for quite a long time as well. With top-notch quality and customer support, they have successfully carved an unassailable market for themselves in Ahmedabad.

Address: 21, kameshwar twice, yogashram society, Shyamal Cross Rd, Shyamal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Phone: 088660 48007

2. Square Foot Flooring

Square Foot Flooring - Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

Square Foot Flooring stands tall as the absolute titan of wooden floorings and comes in at number 2 on the list. With its proud status for exceptional quality, this store offers a plethora of options that leave customers floored! Their collection boasts an array of designs and sizes, catering to every taste and space fit for every customer. 

Square Foot surprises customers with unique offerings that are not easily available in the market. From classic elegance to modern appeal, they have it all. Square Foot Flooring knows how to satisfy a customer’s expectations, making them the top pick for anyone seeking the perfect wooden floor.

Address: B-410, Infinity Tower, B/S Ramada Hotel, Corporate Rd, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015


Surya Click - Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

Introducing Surya Click at the coveted number 3 spot. They are the masters of HDF laminated flooring and a cut above the rest! In Ahmedabad, they "click" with customers through their superior wooden wonders. With a stunning array of selections, they've been able to nail the art of flooring! Whether customers crave timeless elegance or modern marvels, Surya Click has everything to offer. Their impeccable quality and craftsmanship will floor you in the best way possible! Experience the joy of walking on dreamy surfaces with Surya Click's expertise. 

Address: Thaltej-Shilaj road, road, near nilkanth bunglow, off Sindhu Bhavan, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052

Phone: 079 6140 0401

4. Shreeji Decor - wooden flooring / Rubber flooring

Shreeji Decor - Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

With a seamless blend of wood and rubber flooring options, Shreeji Decor has been able to carve a niche for itself in the market. Step into their store, and you'll find yourself with an abundance of choices along with an extensive range of premium wooden floors that will make your wildest imagination possible! 

Offering custom design and size variations, they take pride in tailoring solutions to each customer's needs. Needless to mention their top-notch customer support, which is boasted as the best in the market.

Address: Lad Society Rd, behind page one hotel, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Phone: 075750 44777

5. Royale Touche 

Royal Touche- Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

As the name suggests Royale Touche is fit for customers with a regal taste in floorings. Not just limited to the rich, their affordable choices have made it home to budget-conscious customers as well. This esteemed store has found its way to the top with top-notch laminates and wooden floors that make jaws drop. 

All across India, their renowned touch is revered and welcomed with open arms, leaving homes adorned with elegance. With a wide array of choices, they blend luxury with practicality, proving that sophistication need not be a royal pain for your wallet. Choose the finest flooring from Royale Touche, for when it comes to making a lasting impression, Royale Touche is simply majestic!

Address: 6, Patel Avenue, Ground Floor, Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Hwy, near Gurudwara, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054

Phone: 093749 48387

6. Floor World

Floor world - Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

A respected brand and an affordable line of the most quality wooden floorings in the market, what more can you wish for?! Here’s Floor World which has enchanted the wooden floorings market in Ahmedabad with a wide selection and top-notch customer service. They also provide custom choices for their esteemed customers. Their budget-friendly prices and vast selection of wooden floorings and laminate floorings make the search for the perfect home a convenient affair. From classic to contemporary, they've got styles to suit every taste.

Address: S 1, Shilp Arcade,opp iconic Showroom,a/b karur vysya bank Jodhpur Char Rasta, Satellite Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Phone: 098250 34083

7. Pergo Design Centre

Pergo Design centre - Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

A wide variety of wooden floorings are available in an array of choices when it comes to design, texture, and quality. Pergo Design Centre has it all for customers from all walks of life. They are literally the giants in the floorings market with their collection and the reach that they have managed to earn through years of being true to a customer-centric business. 

Pergo Design Centre has been a reputable name in the market with reliable quality standards that have always satisfied the customer's needs.

Address: The Living Interiors, Opp Hero Showroom, Vijay Cross Rd, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Phone: 079 4003 0036

8. Prexa Interiors

Prexa Interiors - Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

Prexa Interiors has earned itself the status of the go-to destination for wooden floorings for the dwellers of Ahmedabad. With a reputation across the nation as a reliable brand in the business, they offer top-quality wood floors that don't burn a hole in your pocket and are probably the most competitive in the market. 

A customer-centric approach is their secret to unparalleled success and they are masters at treating customers with top service and support and ensuring that no customers leave unsatisfied. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, they are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors. Step into Prexa Interiors and unlock a world of options that'll leave you mesmerized. 

Address: Doordarshan Tower, 703 Gala Empire,0pp, Drive In Rd, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054

Phone: 098240 60968

9. Shree Enterprise

Shree enterprise- Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

With a status as solid as its most trusted wooden floorings range, Shree Enterprise boasts matchless customer support, ensuring that the search for perfect floorings is hassle-free.

Their capability for providing unique, custom options tailored to customers' tastes and space has earned them a spot in the list of best wooden flooring stores in Ahmedabad. Variety of sizes, designs, and patterns, they have got it all. 

Affordability is their prime USP and has earned them a unique reputation amongst buyers in Ahmedabad. For Ahmedabad's wooden flooring dreams, Shree Enterprise has never disappointed with its reliability and quality.

Address: Ramdev Flats, 148, nr. SHRI SAHAJANAND ARTS & COMMERCE COLLEGE, Azad Society, Acharya Narendradev Nagar, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Phone: 094293 00557

1o. Intercrafts India

Intercrafts India- Top 10 wooden flooring store in Ahmedabad

Intercrafts India stands tall as the unmatched brand name in the Ahmedabad wooden floorings circuit. With their artistry in crafting laminated wooden floors, they leave customers awe-struck and needless to say, satisfied to the core. Intercrafts doesn't stop at wood alone and has proudly stepped beyond, embracing the great outdoors with its exquisite decks and stunning synthetic grass floor choices as well. 

Like a maestro conducting a symphony, Intercrafts orchestrates a harmonious fusion of form and function. When it comes to flooring versatility, Intercrafts India is the bona fide champion!

Address: B/H. Sahajanand Avenue, Nr. Torrent Power Ltd.,, Sola Rd, Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013

Phone: 098982 03521


As the curtains close on this wooden flooring journey to find the best stores, in Ahmedabad we can’t help to boast about them one last time. 
From The Wooden House, reigning supreme with its customer love and quality magic, to Square Foot Flooring, the nation's adorable flooring options, they've got it all! Surya Click shines bright with its HDF laminated expertise, while Shreeji Decor walks gracefully between wood and rubber.

Royale Touche's touch of elegance captivates all, and Floor World's affordability steals the show. Pergo Design Centre, a design specialist's haven, and Prexa Interiors offering the perfect blend of cost and class, leave their mark. Shree Enterprise wins hearts with trust and support, and Intercrafts India weaves a tale of versatile flooring delights.
Dear readers, it's time to take these insights and dance your way to the perfect wooden flooring dreams. The enchanting stores await, ready to sprinkle their magic on your floors!


Article Last Updated: 2nd September 2023


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