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What Is SPC Flooring? A Comprehensive Guide

By Tileswale

Let's agree that your flooring speaks a lot about you! Every flooring has its own way of expressing luxury!

Let's imagine that…

You've just built your dream home & looking for a better flooring solution; Or You're in search of your way with better flooring with a recently renovated home area! In any case, you do have a vast majority of options available within the reach of your palms! Many floor making giants will come to you with a plethora of types, tales & techniques! (Some real innovations, some… just an old story in a new coat!) But let’s agree that SPC Flooring has stayed unbeatable in the war! And for many reasons!

Let us tell you what why how & all the other hoarding questions about SPC Flooring with their solutions! So, in the end, we might be of help to you in choosing the apt SPC flooring for your diligent needs!


What Is SPC Flooring?

Stone Polymer Composite Floor Tiles

SPC which stands for Stone Plastic(or Polymer) Composite flooring is the new talk of the flooring town! SPC is a premium classification of LVT, but a purely waterproof & much sounder avatar of old school LVT. The core of the SPC plank is made by a perfectly balanced blend of stone powder & PVC plastic! & The Results? Incredible durability with dent-resistance & shielded behavior towards all the weather conditions.

SPC, without the V, is a very sophisticated form of V AKA Vinyl. So, in the end, SPC flooring is like your premium class vinyl flooring, who knows your needs the better way!

Due to its tough magnanimous core & multi-layer structure, SPC Floor can be an ideal answer to your prone-to-wear-tear home areas! But the layers, what of them? Let's find out! Here, we'll talk more about the types of layers mainly used in stone polymer composite flooring & their functions.


Types of Layers in SPC Flooring:

Layers Of SPC Flooring

1. Wear Layer:

Almost all manufacturers will provide (or claim to!) SPC flooring, SPC tiles or SPC plank with a sound wear layer. The wear layer is a vital element when it comes to SPC floors. This layer tops the important criteria because it can keep your flooring away from wear & abrasion devils; keeping it shiny new for a long time!

2. Core:

Here comes the best part! The core is everything that makes SPC flooring stand apart from the crowd! Though not only uniqueness but the core is also about stability. The core is made with a perfect blend of limestone & other stabilizing agents; this offers more rigidity; through the heart of the SPC Flooring!

3. Image Layer:

The image layer is like a premium class vinyl look on your tough-to-core SPC Flooring! This premium Vinyl Image layer offers a wooden or stone-like look to your flooring. And when you can have it all at any cost, why not keep it more luxurious & more realistic at the same time?

4. Backing Layer:

Strong & resilient is something made with rigid support from the bottom. To offer this in your flooring, every SPC board is provided with a backing layer. A backing layer is made with either something expensive like cork or something budget-friendly like foam. But in the end, a high-quality thick layer can provide comfort & insulation; more dependably to your SPC Flooring!

5. UV Coat:

Unpopular yet true opinion, UV rays do cause harm to natural SPC wood flooring! & That’s why, some premium class SPC wood flooring comes with a UV shield; This extra protection or coating combats regular wear, expanding or shrinking & discolouration effects caused by harsh sun rays.


Pros of Spc Flooring:

Different Spc Floorings Products In In Sequence

  • Robust performance:

After reading about all the nitty-gritty we bet you can have an idea of the durability SPC Flooring can bring you! Now you don't need to worry about your kids playing on your floor, or heavy traffic tiptoes on your floor!

On the plus side, some high-quality SPC floor tiles with durable multiple layers have shown natural soundproofing qualities to some extent!

  • Water-resistant Properties:

SPC floors are born with hefty & reliable water-resistant qualities! The hardened core manufacturing & rugged build makes it so, and you can safely use the Stone Proof Composite flooring for your hall, kitchen or bedroom areas without stressing over the water issues!

  • Easy to install & manage:

The stone polymer(or plastic) composite flooring demand minimal usage of tools or gadgets, dwell time & manual labor! The toughened material quality provides cleaner cuts; & you can manage the Installation of SPC flooring in your house within a day to two!

SPC flooring can be a call of relief for all those who don't like rummaging with a vacuum cleaner all data long! The squeaky clean looking smooth surface of SPC waterproof flooring is easy to clean, resistant to water & durable. These boons allow you to use any good liquid mopping or spraying, ease of operation; though without fear!

  • Aesthetics:

Well, this can be a fun part! As mentioned earlier, qualities like image layer, tons of pattern choices, and a versatile range of colors & structures avail you the looks beyond your imagination! From that luxurious unpretentious look, or the vintage wooden or stone-like look; SPC flooring has got something for everyone!

  • Tiles that care!

Well, the Majority of the best SPC flooring avail you with a natural wood looking (but not natural wood) application; with a recycling option! That's how you can have the joy of the real wood while protecting the earth!

  • Safe for your home:

Most of the SPC floors come with no-formaldehyde, no-glue, and no-toxin quality; In short, they are toxin-free! So, now you can enjoy a breath of fresh air inside your home!

  • Warranty:

SPC flooring manufacturers generally avail you of the manufacturer's warranties. & As the thickness of the layer & core of the SPC plank increase; the warranty also increases!

But that can't be a thing to swear on! Always talk to the manufacturer or go through the manuals before making your choice!


Cons of SPC Flooring:

  • Cost:

With the best comes the high cost! One major thing to worry about can be the pricing of SPC flooring. Well, The Best Quality wouldn't come easily. The SPC floor planks are a tad more expensive than the other choices available in the market.

  • A narrow range of choice:

Let's agree that the market is flooding with various traditional choices like LVP & laminates, but SPC might have a little choice to offer! As the idea is newer & slowly penetrating the market, it's hard to track down SPC flooring in every local shop out there! But you can always have faith in tiles tycoons & e-commerce sites to offer you what you need!

  • Scratches can be an issue:

With the great core; doesn't always come the greater water layer! The top layer of SPC flooring has shown some tendency to wear after log use. But if you're a small homeowner or micro business owner with light to medium traffic, this can’t be a major issue!


Areas Where You Can Use SPC Flooring

Secrets of SPC Flooring: An Ultimate Guide for SPC Tiles

SPC Flooring has improved drastically within the course of time, not only in the manner of design but also in quality. SPC doesn't mean some cheap lower-class option over others, but a sustainable option you can rely on. And it has been successful in becoming people's chosen flooring type nowadays. In your home, SPC flooring installation can come as a huge bag of benefit. Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen or dining, SPC Flooring speaks of your class & luxury!

  • Bedroom:

SPC Flooring In Bedroom

The bedroom can be your personal safe place & a sacred place. So, the lingo & aesthetics of your bedroom can affect your whole day; in fact the whole lifestyle! In bedroom, SPC flooring can bring advantages like:

  1. No cold floor in the morning

  2. Soundproofing to some extent

  3. Pleasant vibes

  • Living area:

SPC Flooring In Living Area

The living space is the spirit of a home; here that crucial first impression of your home is formed. It's the place which catches all the attention (& critics!) from your guest! It can also be the place for comfort & gathering for your family. So, it’s wise to choose the right ambience & right flooring!

SPC flooring in Living area can bring:

  1. Durability for long usage   

  2. Easy cleaning & maintenance

  3. Low risk of slipping

  • Kitchen:

SPC Flooring In Kitchen

Kitchen can be a place you use daily & heavily. So, this area is prone to catching more damage due to water, stains, and overuse. And that’s why, apt flooring is a must!

SPC flooring in Kitchen can serve the functions like:

  1. Better Hygiene

  2. Apt fireproofing

How To Install SPC Flooring?

SPC Flooring Installation Process

No matter how good your SPC floor tiles are, if the installation isn't done properly, you'll lose all their charm! A good knack for tools, surface types & installation steps is a must; But don't worry! you don't need any expert degree here! With some quick tips & guidance, you can install SPC flooring without any hustle bustle!


The Pre-Installation Stage:

Getting ready is a must! So, before you begin the actual process, a quick warm-up is necessary.

The pre-installation stage requires the following steps:


1. Checking out the subfloor condition:

  • Make sure the subfloor is in ideal condition.     

  • The subfloor needs to be dry and clean.    

  • Also make sure the surface is smooth, even & free of cracks.    

2. Obstacle free floor:

  • Make sure the work area is free from any rough furniture, luggage or accessories that can occupy your floor & disturb the installation.

3. Acclimate the SPC flooring with your surroundings:

  • Make sure your field area has an even temperature & humidity, especially before and after installation.

  • After that, it is crucial to let the new flooring adapt to this condition, at least one day before installation.

4. Get your hands full with the Tools:

The apt tools for flooring should be ready & within your reach. Stressing out & wasting your time finding tools during installation will do no good!

Here are the tools you need for the installation of SPC Flooring:

  • Cutting Knife 

  • Chisel

  • Scissors

  • Measurement tape

  • Pencil

  • Adhesives 

  • Some papers

  • Plank cutter

  • Carpenter’s square


1. Permanent Flooring:

Permanent Bond establishment is an unquestionable requirement for new development and for places with weighty traffic. This super durable full sheet stick technique is normally utilized by applying long-lasting strain touchy glue prior to fanning out your SPC sheet.

  • You ought to try not to put the sheet when the cement is as yet wet.

  • All things considered, let the layer of glue dry a little as just a slight part of cement ought to be moved under the sheet while setting the sheet over the layer of glue.

  • When putting the sheet on top of the cement, you might attempt to situate the sheet without lifting it to try not to shape kinks or air bubbles.

  • Be extra cautious and delicate while cutting enormous bits of sheets as per the size of your space to forestall tears.

  • For expert completion, do whatever it takes not to overlay or wrinkle your SPC sheets.


2. Releasable Flooring:

Releasable establishment is quite possibly the most widely recognized technique utilized for Stone Plastic Composite flooring establishment. Be that as it may, what's the distinction between permanent and releasable SPC sheet flooring establishment? Other than its usefulness, the distinction during establishment is the kind of glue utilized and the method for applying it.

  • You would rather not put the sheet on top when the glue is as yet wet as this will cause foaming and yet, you shouldn't stand by excessively lengthy until the cement is totally dry.

  • The key is to ensure the layer of cement is dry to tack while putting the SPC sheet on top. No glue is to be moved under the sheet.

  • Also, you ought to continuously begin introducing from the focal point of the room like super durable full spread SPC sheet establishment.

  • The most awesome aspect of releasable SPC sheet establishment is that it's appropriate to be introduced on different subfloors because of the dainty layer of glue.

  • This slight layer of glue isn't super durable and permits your SPC sheet to be removable.


3. Free lay Flooring:

Free lay establishment is a relatively simple technique for easy method lovers. As referenced in its name, you can basically finish the establishment utilizing twofold sided acrylic tape. Also, because of this easy peasy strategy, any mix-up made or subfloor issue during establishment can be revised by moving it back. And if you are intending to introduce a SPC sheet utilizing this technique, do consider to introduce in a space with less traffic. By saying that, clearly you shouldn't put any installation or work in furniture on top of the free laid SPC sheet for better upkeep.


What You Need to Consider When Choosing Stone Polymer Composite Flooring?

Stone Polymer Composite Flooring

Here are the prominent things you need to consider while buying the SPC Flooring of your dreams!

  • Installation Methods:

There are many types of SPC flooring with various establishment techniques. Some can be easily installed with YouTube videos or DIY methods; But some types do not go by this establishment and you should draw in with an expert installer. Ordinarily, neighbourhood flooring retailers will offer types of assistance including the two supplies and establishment. If you take this upon yourself, you must also be aware of the pre-installation methods, some easy tips & much more... This article can be of help in this matter!

  • Types:

As you probably are aware SPC flooring comes in various kinds and styles. Each enjoys its benefits concerning its usefulness and visual appearance. If you are intending to introduce flooring that is prone to water areas; you need to buy some premium quality SPC flooring with the right installation method.

If you're completely in dark about these Knitty-gritty, feel free to ask your retailer, follow the right guide & choose the type that suits your needs! Also, make sure that your selected SPC flooring is fireproof. High-Quality SPC flooring offers this pro; but it's never too bad in checking, asking & ensuring!

  • Maintenance:

Dealing with and keeping up with SPC flooring should be very simple & hassle-free. Simply ensure that you have a normal daily schedule for essential cleanings like clearing or just mopping. You should find out about the tips here before you commit any errors.

  • Warranty:

There are two kinds of warranties in the market which are sorted by the application. I.e., Residential type & Commercial type warranty A private home-based application warranty is longer than a business warranty. Contingent upon the quality or grade of SPC flooring, some residential warranty periods can reach more than 20 years; or even a lifetime! Though business guarantee just goes on for seven or fewer years typically.

FAQ's About SPC Flooring

1. Which is better SPC or vinyl flooring?

Generally, SPC flooring has a greater number of advantages over LVP. But it does have one fallback. Greater durability, construction & rigid core makes it more expensive than vinyl flooring. But Both SPC & Vinyl Flooring can be affordable over wooden or stone flooring.

2. Does SPC need underlay?

Almost all high-quality SPC flooring does not require an underlying process. In any case, always consult your manufacturer before buying!

3. Does SPC flooring fade?

In Sunrooms, Aka the areas with natural & constant sunlight, SPC flooring does fade away with prolonged usage. Though, UV coating has proven to be useful to some extent, we can’t totally bed about it! So, we recommend shielding the flooring from heavy sunlight!

4. Does SPC flooring expand?

SPC, as we know stands for Stone Plastic Composite, has a unique composition. So, the SPC flooring doesn't expand or shrink during any weather conditions.

5. Is SPC flooring fireproof?

Most of the experiments & surveys show that almost all vinyl-based flooring can be reliable when it comes to fire safety. Not only do they withstand fire, but they also halt the burning & reduce the damage to your beautiful house.

6. Can you put SPC flooring on concrete?

SPC flooring can be installed overall on a plethora of surfaces; including concrete! They can also be installed on wooden & many tough subsurface without worry!

7. Does SPC flooring need to acclimate?

Yes, SPC flooring acclimation is a must; It needs to acclimate to the atmosphere you will be using it in! It needs ideal heat and air conditioning & positioning of boxes to acclimate to the environment.

8. Which company provides the best SPC Flooring?

Floormonk - Premium SPC Flooring provider is committed to offering excellent quality flooring and solutions to every single client. Floormonk specialists have extensive technical expertise and decades of expertise installing SPC flooring. SPC flooring's design and workmanship have improved significantly throughout the years. It is no longer the low-cost, second-rate flooring alternative that you are accustomed to.


That's it from our side! Hope you found a sigh of relief against all those fuzzy questions & confusion; & In the end That Perfect SPC Flooring of your Needs!

Any questions left? Feel free to contact us, drop your comments or share your views here!

Kudos to a better lifestyle!

Article Updated - June 30, 2022

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