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Best App for Tile Wholesaler – Tileswale

By Tileswale


In the constantly shifting environment of the tile sector, a single platform symbolizes the growth that the industry has gone through and has also proven to be the catalyst that has contributed to bringing about this shift - Tileswale. 

The following article explores why Tileswale isn't just a resource for manufacturers or end-customers, but also an invaluable resource for tile wholesalers as well. It's more than just a virtual application; it's a competitive edge that opens up unprecedented possibilities within the realm of tile circulation across the globe. 

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Tileswale reimagines how wholesalers work, offering everything from an uncomplicated Tiles Directory to innovative visualization tools and calculators. It's an ecosystem where creativity adheres to effectiveness while providing wholesalers a platform where they can discover suitable products and link with an international customer base. 

Prepare for an experience that will reveal the most hidden gem of tile wholesalers: Tileswale, a revolutionary application for flourishing in the tile business.

Tileswale for Tile Wholesalers: An Overview

Best App for Tile wholesaler         

Tileswale, the trailblazing B2B marketplace, stands tall as India's first and foremost platform dedicated exclusively to the dynamic tiles industry. Launched by the visionary minds at Light Link Solutions, this innovative product has rewritten the rules of engagement in the tiles and ceramics market. With a versatile presence both on the web and through a mobile application, Tileswale doesn't just cater to manufacturers; it's a game-changer for wholesalers too.

Its expansive directory, featuring categories such as Ceramics, Sanitary, and more, is a treasure trove for wholesalers, simplifying the hunt for the perfect product. As wholesalers navigate this labyrinth of possibilities, Tileswale's remarkable filters and classifications are their guiding stars, ensuring an unparalleled user experience. With an array of exclusive features tailored to their needs, Tileswale empowers wholesalers to seize new opportunities and flourish in the ever-evolving tiles market.

The Wholesaler Benefit

Tile wholesalers Benefit - Tileswale App

Tileswale is a game changer for tile wholesalers as well as tile manufacturers.

In the fiercely competitive sector of tile distribution across the globe, bringing a competitive advantage is critical, and Tileswale provides just that. Wholesalers can take advantage of a plethora of benefits, including a comprehensive Tiles Directory and innovative features such as the Tiles Visualizer and Calculator. This isn't merely being convenient; it's also about outperforming other businesses.

Features Available to Tile Wholesalers

1. All-In-One Exhibition:

Feature available to wholesaler

Tileswale is a digital marketplace in which wholesalers can display every item in their collection, excluding the necessity for middlemen.

2. Cutting-Edge Visualizer:

Tile Visualizer for Tile Wholesaler

The Tiles Visualizer tool, in conjunction with sophisticated AI technology, enables wholesalers to show tiles on the desired surfaces, attracting customers.

3. Precision with Tiles Calculator:

Tile calculator for tile wholesaler

Tileswale can provide a tile calculator for tile wholesalers with an organized strategy by assisting consumers in determining the precise amount of tiles needed for their remodeling or construction endeavors.

4. Packaging details available:

Tile Packaging details show

Tileswale refreshes and offers adequate knowledge on international packing expanding possibilities for wholesalers interested in the global market.

5. Verified User Assurance:

Best Plan for Tile wholesalers

It provides hassle-free, assured financial transactions, building credibility and frequent interactions among parties.

6. Ad Visibility:

Ad Visibility for Tile wholesalers

Tileswale's ad feature boosts product visibility to a wider audience whilst offering extensive statistics to track its effectiveness.

7. Transaction Security:

In a world where trust is critical in business settings, secure transactions cement Tileswale's position as the preferred trading platform of choice for wholesalers.

Why blend in when you can be noticed?

Tileswale enables wholesalers to precisely display their products and connect with an international customer base. Trust is easily built with authentic users that guarantee safe financial transactions. Furthermore, Tileswale provides a platform for wholesalers to contact manufacturers to propose a deal and establish an alliance.

Be it an experienced wholesaler or just getting started, Tileswale is not just a prospect; it's an intelligent decision that can transform the particular trade tenfold. Elevate your tile commerce, prosper in the market, and make Tileswale your trusted associate.


As the blog's final curtain descends, Tileswale App stands as the undisputed choice for tile wholesalers. It’s not merely an app; it's the heartbeat of a thriving tile empire. In the exhilarating world of tile wholesale, Tileswale emerges as the unrivaled champion. Beyond its origins as a manufacturer-centric platform, Tileswale extends its embrace to wholesalers, unveiling a treasure trove of features that redefine efficiency. This platform transcends expectations, providing a harmonious ecosystem for wholesalers to thrive.

From the innovative Tiles Visualizer, where every tile finds its surface with precision, to the meticulous Tiles Calculator, Tileswale paints a canvas of convenience. Wholesalers now navigate an international landscape, empowered with comprehensive packing information.

The Verified User assurance fosters trust and expedites transactions, while the analytics tools fine-tune marketing strategies. Security in transactions is not just a promise; it's a commitment.

So, join the ranks of wholesalers who have already harnessed Tileswale’s power, and let your wholesale journey soar to unprecedented heights. Your success story begins here.


Article Last Updated : 14th Sep 2023





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