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Tileswale: Where Tiles Meet Their Perfect Match!

Welcome to the captivating world of Tileswale, the unrivaled B2B marketplace dedicated to the glorious realm of Tiles! Light Link Solutions proudly presents this exquisite online platform, where magic meets functionality.

Intriguingly, Tileswale is India's very first and number one website and Mobile Application exclusively crafted for the Tiles industry. This splendid creation came to life in May 2020, sweeping the market off its feet with its mesmerizing features.

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The enchanting Tileswale directory for various industries, including Ceramics, Sanitary, and more, makes finding dreamy products a breeze. It flaunts cutting-edge filters, turning mere browsing into a delightful treasure hunt.

So, if you seek a world where tiles thrive in their true glory and manufacturers reign supreme, dive into Tileswale and experience tile-tastic wonder like never before!

Tileswale: The Tile Enthusiast's Dreamland!

Tile Manufacturer -Tileswale APP

Welcome to Tileswale, the dazzling B2B marketplace that's lighting up the Tiles industry like never before! Created by Light Link Solutions, this online wonderland offers tile manufacturers and enthusiasts an all-in-one platform for their wildest tile dreams.

Discover the Directory Delight: With a directory for every industry, including Ceramics, Sanitary, and Others, Tileswale makes finding your perfect tile a piece of cake! Make use of the most powerful features of filters and sort tiles by different categories, all suited and convenient for the customers.

Different Section for Buyers and Sellers: Seamlessly divided into Buyers and Sellers sections, whether a customer is searching for the freshest designs or you as a manufacturer is showcasing your masterpieces, this marketplace has got your back!

Endless Excitement for Manufacturers: Manufacturers, assemble! Showcase your entire tile collection without the need for a distributor or even a middle person. Tileswale gives the power to you to reach out to your end-users directly

Tileswale offers the tools that you need, so say goodbye to dull searches and embrace a world of colorful tiles and top-notch service. Let the tile hunt begin! 
Remember, Tileswale is not just an app; it's a journey to tile-tastic greatness! So, jump aboard and let the tile magic unfold!

Tileswale's Exclusive Manufacturer Features

Tileswale, the ultimate B2B marketplace, brings a bag full of exclusive features tailored for manufacturers. Gone are the days of relying on middle-persons or distributors – now, manufacturers can directly showcase their products on the Tileswale app. Let's see the most significant features of the application that makes Tileswale so unique.

1. Simple Product Display

Product Display for Tile Manufacturer

Manufacturers can display their whole product line at one time with Tileswale. They may showcase their goods in a way that has never been possible before thanks to the extensive features of what seems like their very own spotlight.

2. Picture-Perfect with Tiles Visualizer

Tile Visualizer              Tile Viualizer at product

The AI-powered tiles visualizer tool allows manufacturers to reach out to customers in a unique way. It allows customers to imagine and view an image of every tile on their desired surface. No more guesswork, just picture-perfect choices! 

3. Tiles Calculator - The Math Magician

Tile Calculator

Calculating the perfect amount of tiles can be a pain sometimes but Tileswale makes it convenient for the manufacturers to further impress their customers! Tileswale's Tiles Calculator is a simple yet groundbreaking tool that helps customers know the precise quantity they need for their flooring projects. 

4. Packaging Revelations

International or domestic, Tileswale helps customers to calculate the packaging of their chosen tiles, manufacturers can relax and enjoy the ease of the trade while Tileswale provides the most accurate cost estimates. 

5. Verified Users - Trust at First Sight

Verified Buyers

Tileswale introduces Verified Users for a seamless and trustworthy experience making it worthwhile for manufacturers. Now the manufacturers can deal directly with their verified customers without being bothered by spammers or fake inquiries. With trust, at first sight, customers and manufacturers can unite without hassle!

6. Ads That Work Magic

Company Ads

Looking to enchant your audience? Feature your products with captivating ads on Tileswale. Watch as your creations work their magic on potential buyers – it's like having a spellbinding marketing team!

7. Fort Knox of Transactions

Tileswale takes cybersecurity very seriously. Manufacturers may rest easy believing their transactions are secure with a transaction capability that surpasses even the best of security.

Finally, Tileswale's unique benefits for manufacturers are like a hidden gold mine that's begging to be found. It's an enchanted world for tile producers, from exhibiting items with style to enchanting those using AI-powered tools. Join Tileswale right away and experience the wonder of it!


Now that you've discovered all of the above, it's time for you, the manufacturer, to try Tileswale and start your tile-selling and commence your story-telling journey of excellence. This realization is only the start of the fresh possibilities that Tileswale presents with a dash of humor and a tonne of creativity. The Indian tile industry has been reimagined by

Tileswale, and manufacturers in particular now have the freedom to connect with customers instantly and are no longer constrained by the problems of intermediaries!  
Why restrict your potential as a producer when you already have all you require and can profit from the advantages and chances provided by Tileswale's exclusive platform?

Thanks to technologies like the Tiles Visualizer! Or the Tiles Calculator, which may provide precise estimates, customers will be able to see their imagined tiles right in front of them in their environment, and in real-time.

Furthermore, Tileswale dispels the myths surrounding packaging, streamlining the customer experience procedure. Along with all of these advantages, the Verified User approach guarantees trust in secure transactions. 

Don't stay up late anymore. Join the Tileswale community and watch your business reach previously unimaginable heights!


Article Last Updated : 16th August 2023

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